Vehicle Control Station equipmentVehicle Control Station equipment


The AMX700 tester is designed to be used for testing trailer's electrical installation and examining the connector between the trailer and the vehicle electrical installation (both 12V and 24V).


The device is certified for using in Vehicles Control Stations in Poland.



Device features:

  • Small size, low weight.
  • For 12V and 24V* installations.
  • Voltage measurement on each socket pin during rated load simulation.
  • Short detection in trailer’s electrical circuits.
  • Adjustable load for selected vehicle circuits.
  • Verification of ABS supply voltage under rated load*.
  • Setting and verification of all states on ABS/EBS control bus*.
  • New! Load simulation.

 * only AMX700/R



Certified for using in Vehicles Control Stations in Poland.


265 x 150 x 90 mm


2,6 kg

Operational temperature:

-20 – 50 oC

Supply voltage:

~ 230 V / 1 A / 50 Hz

Power consumption:

100 VA

Measurement range:

12 V / 50 W

24 V / 100 W*

Load simulation range:

5 W, 10 W, 21 W, 26 W, 42 W, 100 W*

Measurement resolution:

power measurement

voltage measurement

frequency measurement


0,1 W

0,1 V

1 imp/min

Max measurement error:


Supplied connectors:

ISO-1724 (12V, typ N)
ISO-3732 (12V, typ S)
ISO-11446 (12V, 13 pins)

ISO-7638-1 (ABS/ESP)*

ISO-3731 (24V, typ S)*
ISO-12098 (24V, typ N)
ISO-1185 (24V, 15 pins)

Menu languages:

Polish, English, German

Box content:

  • AMX700 device

  • instruction manual

  •  warranty card

  • testing cube for device check

  •  aluminum case

  •  set of 12V cables

  • set of 24V and ABS cables with additional case*


  • Set of 24V and ABS cables with additional case and software upgrade – package upgraded to AMX700/R version.

  • AMX701 - load simulator – module to run tests on newest vehicles supported vehicle-trailer interface self-diagnostic procedure

 *only AMX700/R